Say Hello to the Most Precious Piece of Jewellery One Can Ever Own!!!

Unique functional bracelet for expectant mums to count the baby's movements in a stylish and more practical way is a perfect gift that provides reasurance and a keepsake to treasure forever

About Baby's Movements

    Place to write down a baby's name and date of birth on the inner upper lid of premium round shape box


    It is very easy: start moving the elastic loop over the bead each time you feel baby moves

  • The Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet: Your Smart & Stylish Jewellery Companion During Pregnancy and Beyond


    For as low as £2 you can add gift wrapping and send the bracelet as a gift with a personal note.

Your Smart & Stylish Jewellery Companion During Pregnancy and Beyond

  • Zoe, Northern Ireland

    Using an app, or a journal never really felt as good as simply 'tuning in,' but I would gladly say that my Aska Maternity bracelet has given me a middle ground. I have it on me at all times.

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  • Victoria, Coventry

    I was gifted the Aska bracelet at 26 weeks pregnant. The bracelet itself is gorgeous. I went to the amazonite with silver charm. My favourite colour, it's a lovely piece of jewellery on it's own.

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  • Zara, Claverley

    I have discussed the baby’s movements with my partner who has also been involved by asking how I’ve got on each day and if I’m getting a similar number and pattern. I think it makes him feel more involved.

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  • Rachel, Shrewsbury

    “When I first heard about the bracelet I thought what a great idea. A beautiful prompt which is a gentle reminder to think about my baby’s movements. I love the design...

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  • Emily, Telford

    I was quite anxious about my baby’s movements throughout my third pregnancy. My life was very busy with two young sons, and my work as a Chartered Surveyor meant...

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  • Elysse J, Hertfordshire

    I love my Aska maternity bracelet. I haven’t heard of anything like it and I think the concept is brilliant and will give a lot of expectant mother’s peace of mind.

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