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The Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet was trialed by over 1,000 expectant mothers’ during a pilot scheme ran by the NHS Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Group before the bracelet was brought into the market. Read some of the incredible reviews the bracelet was given.
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Corinne, Lincolnshire
"Its crazy to think a week ago I has just had my second pessary inserted to bring on labor. So while pregnant with Hugo I was in hospital a lot in the third trimester. Some of you may have seen on my stories, it was due to lack of his movements and frequent movement changes too. This is why they decided to induce me that day, as of Saturday 7th November. The reason being that with frequent reduced movements they can't risk problems with the baby, so its safer for baby to be outside then in at that point. Luckily Hugo is great, no problems. That makes me a lucky mum❤ Addressing and keeping track of babies movements are so important. Babies should move in their own pattern up until birth. "They move less near birth because there's less room" - Is not true. Babies move throughout❤ The Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet do amazing bracelets that help you to track and remember movements while pregnant.- I recommend to all pregnant ladies!"
Zoe,Northern Ireland
"Pregnancy is full of uncertainty and when it comes to my baby’s movements I will admit that I am more uncertain than ever.
I am a researcher. I like to do things by the book. I have read all of the pregnancy books. The positive birth and labour books and am now flying through my week to week guide of actually raising my baby. Tick, tick and tick. But when it comes to tracking movements I’ve always felt like a bit of a failure in that department because honestly, I don’t think my baby has that much of a pattern. Maybe that is my baby’s pattern? Who knows, but I’m 34 weeks and it’s still something that I don’t feel like a pro over.
Using an app, or a journal never really felt as good as simply 'tuning in,' but I would gladly say that my Aska Maternity bracelet has given me a middle ground. I have it on me at all times. It takes no effort to move the pendant, and although I’m still not religious with tracking - it has formed somewhat of an idea for me in a way that doesn't cause me anxiety.
I was admitted to hospital yesterday for reduced frequency and strength in movements and am thrilled to say that all is well with baby. Who knows, maybe my Aska bracelet has simply helped me remain a little more aware of my little fella :)"

Amy Jones, Woodside

"I have found the Maternity Movement Bracelet so helpful. This is my second pregnancy and I used an app with my first, but having the bracelet has made it much easier to track movement through the day as it is always in front of me. For that reason it's also been a lot easier to notice a pattern of movement, and it will be a lovely keepsake once baby arrives. Because of the Maternity Movement Bracelet I have found myself talking more to my partner about the baby's movements. Knowing the pattern helps too - my first only moved once a day so he's actually been able to feel this baby kicking!"