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What expectant mothers are saying about the ASKA Maternity Movement Bracelet

Aska Testimonials
Trialed by over 1,000 expectant mothers’

The Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet was trialed by over 1,000 expectant mothers’ during a pilot scheme ran by the NHS Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Group before the bracelet was brought into the market. Read some of the incredible reviews the bracelet was given.

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Its crazy to think a week ago I has just had my second pessary inserted to bring on labor. So while pregnant with Hugo I was in hospital a lot in the third trimester. Some of you may have seen on my stories, it was due to lack of his movements and frequent movement changes too. This is why they decided to induce me that day, as of Saturday 7th November. The reason being that with frequent reduced movements they can't risk problems with the baby, so its safer for baby to be outside then in at that point. Luckily Hugo is great, no problems. That makes me a lucky mum❤ Addressing and keeping track of babies movements are so important. Babies should move in their own pattern up until birth. "They move less near birth because there's less room" - Is not true. Babies move throughout❤ The Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet do amazing bracelets that help you to track and remember movements while pregnant.- I recommend to all pregnant ladies!


Northern Ireland
Pregnancy is full of uncertainty and when it comes to my baby’s movements I will admit that I am more uncertain than ever.
I am a researcher. I like to do things by the book. I have read all of the pregnancy books. The positive birth and labour books and am now flying through my week to week guide of actually raising my baby. Tick, tick and tick. But when it comes to tracking movements I’ve always felt like a bit of a failure in that department because honestly, I don’t think my baby has that much of a pattern. Maybe that is my baby’s pattern? Who knows, but I’m 34 weeks and it’s still something that I don’t feel like a pro over.
Using an app, or a journal never really felt as good as simply 'tuning in,' but I would gladly say that my Aska Maternity bracelet has given me a middle ground. I have it on me at all times. It takes no effort to move the pendant, and although I’m still not religious with tracking - it has formed somewhat of an idea for me in a way that doesn't cause me anxiety.
I was admitted to hospital yesterday for reduced frequency and strength in movements and am thrilled to say that all is well with baby. Who knows, maybe my Aska bracelet has simply helped me remain a little more aware of my little fella :)

Amy Jones, 28

Woodside, Telford
I have found the Maternity Movement Bracelet so helpful. This is my second pregnancy and I used an app with my first, but having the bracelet has made it much easier to track movement through the day as it is always in front of me. For that reason it's also been a lot easier to notice a pattern of movement, and it will be a lovely keepsake once baby arrives. Because of the Maternity Movement Bracelet I have found myself talking more to my partner about the baby's movements. Knowing the pattern helps too - my first only moved once a day so he's actually been able to feel this baby kicking!


As a first time mom to be I’ve found the bracelet really handy, simply as a reminder to think about my baby’s movements. The design is nice, it’s something you want to wear rather than something you just should wear and isn’t overtly recognisable as an aid to count kicks or monitor movement. Initially it takes a bit of getting used to, to move the little feet but once you have the knack it’s easy. I’m well into my third trimester now and I wear the bracelet every day. I’d certainly recommend it to others.

Zara Nicholls, 31

Claverley, Shropshire
The Maternity Movement Bracelet has been very useful in tracking my baby’s movements. I have found it more reassuring and beneficial than counting individual kicks as I can split the day into morning/afternoon/evening sessions and count baby’s pattern of movement to compare this across days and weeks. Overall my daily total has been working out around the same, but it’s interesting to note and be aware of periods of movement outside the ‘normal’ pattern. Some days I’ve been unable to wear the bracelet due to the nature of my job and although I still try to be aware of my baby’s movements, I do like having the visual reference on my wrist. I have discussed the baby’s movements with my partner who has also been involved by asking how I’ve got on each day and if I’m getting a similar number and pattern. I think it makes him feel more involved.

Charlie and 3 week old Josie

I was given a maternity movement’s bracelet in August, I was 7 months pregnant at the time. I love it! It came with a little card with the details of who to contact should I have any concerns regards babies movements! It’s funny because I’d not realised how my baby moved at certain times of day, of course morning and evening I knew but at work it was easy to get carried away in the everyday tasks. The bracelet was an eye opener to when she moved helping me monitor the kicks more effectively, especially at the weekend. It was about 3 weeks of having the bracelet that I noticed a change in movement, i thought to myself I’ll give it half an hour before I call! At the same time I looked for the card that was in my wallet and it clearly said any concerns call immediately, the fact I’d noticed my bracelet wasn’t as far along was proof enough that I was concern. I called the MLU and within and hour babies movements were being monitored, she was fine thank goodness however I was very grateful to have had the bracelet. I am breast feeding at the moment and using the bracelet to help remember which boob fed my little one last :)

Emily Evans,


Emily Summerfield, 34 with baby Willa

Hodnet, Shropshire
I was quite anxious about my baby’s movements throughout my third pregnancy. My life was very busy with two young sons, and my work as a Chartered Surveyor meant that I was on the move and on my feet for much of the time. Often it would get to 8pm and I wouldn’t have had the chance to concentrate on a pattern of movement at all during the day. On more than one occasion I had to call my midwife and have my baby’s heartrate monitored. I tried to make a note of her movements but it isn’t easy to bring out a notebook or your phone when you are at work or in the middle of cooking for your children! I didn’t ever manage to establish a set pattern of movements and as a result, apart from when I was being reassured by a midwife, I didn’t ever feel completely confident during my pregnancy. If I had had the Maternity Movement Bracelet I think I would have been calmer and more aware of my daughter’s movements throughout my pregnancy. If I have a fourth child (a big if!) then I would love to use the bracelet. Pregnancy can be a time of anxiety and uncertainty, and anything that can help you to retain control during that time is well worth it.

Lyndsey Thompson, 30

I had one during my pregnancy and have just give birth to a healthy baby girl. The bracelet helped me track the movements which became lesser as my pregnancy progressed and I had to be induced slightly before my due date due to reduced movements.

Kathrine Bradburn, 29



When I first heard about the bracelet I thought what a great idea. A beautiful prompt which is a gentle reminder to think about my baby’s movements. I love the design easy to just place on and comfortable, hardwearing too. Helped to raise my awareness with keeping in mind baby’s movements- wish this was thought up of with my first as it is useful, eye catching and feels very special. It has especially helped me now at the end of pregnancy, baby’s movements are felling different but it reminds me to check the pattern of baby’s movements which is reassuring for me.
I am looking forward to using it as a Breast-feeding bracelet when baby arrives so I can move the bracelet from my left to right wrist so I know which side to feed baby from.
Thank you for letting me be part of this


I was gifted the aska bracelet at 26 weeks pregnant. When it arrived it was delivered in a beautiful box. The bracelet itself is gorgeous. I went to the amazonite (blue/turquoise) with silver charm. My favourite colour, it's a lovely piece of jewellery on it's own.
The idea is to move the charm over each bead during every period of movement, starting each day from the pearl bead. Such a simple way of monitoring the important movements of your baby.
This has been a god send. It has given me an idea of how often my baby moves and that baby is more active come the evening. Something so simple gives you the reassurance especially with it being my first baby.
Once my baby is here I will be attempting breast feeding. I will also use the bracelet to determine which breast i've last fed from by switching wrists. Also how often using the charm across bead method.
I would 100% invest if I didn't have it gifted now I've owned one. A great gift to new mothers.

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