How to use the Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet - Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet

How to use the Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet

Each bracelet includes a small loop and sterling silver or gold-plated sterling silver charm which you can slip across each bead every time your baby moves. The white freshwater pearl marks the start of the counting process and represents where to start the loop each morning. Every time your baby moves, you move the loop over the next bead, working its way around the bracelet. Once the end bead is reached, you can then work your way back to the start.

When using the bracelet, you are encouraged to take note of the times of day your baby moves. This will help you to understand your baby’s pattern of movement and to monitor if there are any changes in these patterns. For more information on understanding your baby’s movement, please visit the Movement section.

Acting as a comfort to reassure you on your baby’s health, the bracelet can also be used once your baby is born to count the number of feeds given or to swap wrists as a reminder of which breast to feed your baby from next. It’s also a precious keepsake to cherish and a special reminder of your pregnancy.

Take a look at our instructional video on how to use ASKA Maternity Movement Bracelet

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