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My Pregnancy Journey

from Ellyse J

27 July, 2021

My name is Ellyse. I have two children. Charlie Ocean, 16 months, and Cicely Dream 5 months. I live in Hertfordshire.

1. How does the COVID situation affected your pregnancy and your normal daily routine and condition?
During pregnancy, I am classed as high risk due to being Type 1 Diabetes. I was pregnant TWICE during the pandemic although the first time the rules and restrictions were more relaxed. It was awful going to hospital appointments alone and only having my partner with me for an hour after an emergency C Section with our daughter, Cicely
2. What is your biggest concern?
My biggest concern was that our daughter would fall ill with Covid like our son did.
3. Who (and/or what) is your biggest support through these days?
I have found the parents on Instagram a great support during pregnancy and parenthood. It’s like a little community. I’ve met some good friends on there.
4. How did you learn about the importance of monitoring baby’s movements during pregnancy?

It’s extremely important in my case to keep a close eye on baby’s movements as high or low sugar levels can have a negative affect on the baby. With the Aska maternity bracelet I was able to keep a note of how often my baby was moving and if there were any concerns I could pop to the hospital !

5. How do you find using the Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet?
I love my Aska maternity bracelet. I haven’t heard of anything like it and I think the concept is brilliant and will give a lot of expectant mother’s peace of mind.

6.What would be your message to future mums and people in general during this challenging times?
My advice would be to make sure you’re getting out for fresh air and socialising. It makes the world of difference to your mental health. Ive met some lovely people at soft play centres and play groups and my son Charlie has come on leaps and bounds from being out and about and learning from other children.
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