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My Pregnancy Journey

from Kirsten D

25 June, 2021

My name’s Kirsten, I’m a first-time mum to be preparing myself for my new role in motherhood. I recently moved back to London after living abroad the last 3 and a half years.

1. How does the COVID situation affected your pregnancy and your normal daily routine and condition?
When I found out I was pregnant, it came as a complete surprise. I was still living in Thailand at the time with no plans of moving home any time soon. Once I got over the initial shock, I was really excited about embracing my pregnancy and all the things that come with it. I flew back to the UK and arrived the day before the national lockdown which meant I wasn’t able to do all the things I was looking forward to doing such as going to pregnancy yoga and meeting other mums to be or even going to antenatal classes. In a way, I felt like a piece of my pregnancy journey was missing because of this.

2. What is your biggest concern? My biggest concern is not knowing how to be the best mum that I can be. After all, when you give birth, there’s no instruction manual you get to take home with your new baby. You’re literally thrown into your new role as a parent and learn on the job.

3. Who (and/or what) is your biggest support through these days?

My biggest support through these days is my husband, he’s put up with all my highs and lows of pregnancy these last 9 months.

What do you find comforting?
I find it comforting that me and my husband are on this journey together.

Is there any particular activity or routine you find reassuring and would recommend?
I find it great to start my day with some light breath work and prenatal yoga.

4. How did you learn about the importance of monitoring baby’s movements during pregnancy?

From about 18 weeks pregnant, during my antennal appointments my midwives would talk to me about looking out for the first signs of baby’s movements. From about 28 weeks, I was encouraged to track baby’s movements and patterns even more so as I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

5. How do you find using the Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet?
It has been absolutely wonderful using the maternity bracelet, not only is it a beautiful piece of jewellery, it is also very easy to use and has helped me massively with keeping track of my baby’s movements.

6.What would be your message to future mums and people in general during this challenging times?
My message to future mums would be to stay happy and enjoy the magic of pregnancy, we may not be able to do all the fun classes and meet up with friends, family and make new mummy friends during these times but we can take some time out and use it as an opportunity to put our feet up and pamper ourselves.
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