My Pregnancy Journey, from Liana Deed - Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet

My Pregnancy Journey

from Liana Deed

25 October, 2020


Hello! My name is Liana, I am 25 years old, mother of two year old Pippa and pregnant with baby Deed number 2. So far this pregnancy I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes at just 5 weeks! So of course hundreds of extra appointments! I am a hairdresser by trade but due to moving from Kent to Hertfordshire just before lockdown I am currently a stay at home mummy, doing the occasional bit of hair here and there.

1. How does the COVID situation affected your pregnancy and your normal daily routine and condition?
Covid has really effected my pregnancy experience so far, this is due to added restrictions like my husband Aidan not being able to support me during scans, this has also had an effect on my husband feeling like he isn't involved in seeing baby grow and be involved in all the checks…. Thank goodness for private scans! My bank account winced as I said that!
I also haven't been able to take my daughter to play groups, this is where not only she was interacting with other children, but I was meeting other parents .

2. What is your biggest concern? My biggest concern right now is to do with how my birth will be effected and my the restrictions placed at my hospital.

3. Who (and/or what) is your biggest support through these days? What do you find comforting? Is there any particular activity or routine you find reassuring and would recommend?
My biggest support right now is a mum group I am apart of on Facebook. In this group there are many mums due the same time as me and we are all in the same boat with our concerns. Also, the Instagram community has been absolutely brilliant!
I find talking to other mums on Instagram or Facebook groups, chatting about what they do to get thorough these time comforting as it makes me realise that everyone has days where they have struggled and we are all in this together.
I make sure I pop to the park most days with Pippa, this means at the moment she can interact with other children, this makes me feel she is gaining useful skills she would have otherwise learnt at nursery or playgroups and a sense of a routine for both me and her. On the days we don’t go to the park we will have a little walk and explore around our local area looking for acorns and pinecones.
4. How did you learn about the importance of monitoring baby’s movements during pregnancy?

I have always seen online about how important monitoring baby's movements were… During my first pregnancy I had an anterior placenta so I was always looking out for movements as they were harder to feel… There where four times I had to go in to be monitored (never put off being monitored if you haven't felt baby move or you notice a big change in movement, increased or decreased). My sister is also in her last year of training to be a midwife so she always reminds me of the importance of monitoring the movements.

5. How do you find using the Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet?
The Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet is absolutely amazing, what a fantastic, simple and stylish way to count your baby's movements! Its literally as easy as slipping a hoop over a pearl! No need to get out a phone and use a tracking app, you have all you need on your wrist.

6.What would be your message to future mums and people in general during this challenging times?
TALK. Talk to other mums, use forums or any social media platforms you like to interact with other mums and dads who are in the same situation as you or have similar aged children. I personally have found talking to other parents comforting and so helpful when it comes to advice with Covid and children. Take time for yourself when and where possible, I think a lot of us are guilty of putting ourselves last, but there is one thing I like to say "you can't pour from an empty cup", do one thing a day that makes you happy, no matter how small or big, because my gosh do you deserve it! x
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