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My Pregnancy Journey

from Corinne Finch

18 October, 2020

I'm Corinne, 26 and a mum to two beautiful boys; Caleb and Roman. I'm also in my third trimester with another baby boy who is due in November!

This pregnancy is so different to my other two for many reasons. I have an anterior placenta so all baby movements are alot more muted then how they were with my other two. Which around 20 weeks caused alot of anxiety and worries. Luckily I have an amazing partner who is so supportive, incredibly understanding with this and helped me mentally so much.

I feel covid has made pregnancy pretty hard. Mainly the lack of face to face appointments, not having my BP checked etc has caused more worries than usual.

I've had many mums message me personally on instagram going through the exact same situations. I especially feel sorry for first time mums in this global pandemic.

I firstly learnt about the importance of baby's movements through kicks count, plus midwives when I was pregnant with Caleb. It really is so important to measure movements and even changes with these movements too.
I, in all of my pregnancies have been monitored due to reduced movements all the way through and I'm so grateful that I can have my mind put at ease by going to get checked out. I'm definitely more aware in this pregnancy now with my anterior placenta because movements have already been reduced three times.
Aska Maternity Movement Bracelets have been a life saver for myself. I started to use the bracelet for monitoring movements around 25 weeks due to my placenta position. Its definitely helped so much with remembering how many times I've felt my baby. The bracelet its self aswell is so pretty and definitely a piece of jewelry I'll be wearing even after I've given birth!

My eldest son is autistic and I'm a huge advocate for him and the autism society. I think this makes me such a stronger person deep down. I just want to say to any parent that has a child with autism, you are amazing and strong❤ Especially through these bad times!

I want to say to future mums to be, that this crazy year is very far from what the normal is like(in terms of appointments etc). If you're concerned with babies movements, don't wait until the next day, call up your maternity unit and they will check that everything is okay.

I finally want to say that you are all amazing and to enjoy every moment of pregnancy because it really does go so quick!
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