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My Pregnancy Journey

from Saoirse Corboz, Halifax

15 June, 2020

1. How does the COVID situation affect your pregnancy and your normal daily routine and condition? 

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant after having my first round of IVF, this little baby really is my miracle baby! 

I dreamt of this pregnant for three years and it is definitely different to how I could have ever imagined! 

One of the main things I have found difficult is not being able to see all my family and friends and show off my bump! My friends and family have been my biggest support through my fertility struggles and now I'm pregnant are my biggest fans! I also have a few friends that are currently pregnant, when we found out we had so many plans to meet and were all excited to get bump photos together however this has not been able to happen! 

One of the hardest things has been not been able to see my mum. She relocated back to Yorkshire from Plymouth to be closer to be and then we went into lockdown, it has been hard listening to my mum upset and missing out on so much! 

It has been difficult not being able to go out shopping, this is one of the most exciting times for any expecting parents however the shops have been shut for a lot of my pregnancy and most of the newborn clothes and maternity essentials are sold out online! Luckily I have managed to get everything we need either online or through friends and we are so ready for his arrival! We have put money into savings so that when he is here we can go out and do some long awaited shopping! 

There are a lot of experiences me and my partner have missed out on. My partner has not been able to come to any midwife appointments or scans due to the social distancing guidelines, he has felt like he's missed out on a lot! We were really looking forward to having a 4D scan however the one we had booked before lockdown was cancelled and we have been unable to book another! As soon as we found somewhere that my partner could come to I was too far on in my pregnancy to get good quality photos and so we missed out! 

Through all the negatives and challenges we have faced I am hugely grateful that my baby, my friends and my family are healthy! 

This is definitely a year that we will remember.

2. What is your biggest concern? 

I wouldn't say I have many concerns! I have wanted to have a baby since I was in my 20's! I am massively ready for this! 

I have watched many of my friends have and bring up amazing babies and children. I am not naive and I know how hard it is but I also know that every single one of my friends would not change a thing! They love their babies like nothing else and I cannot wait for that feeling! 

3. Who (and/or what) is your biggest support through these days? What do you find comforting? Is there any particular activity or routine you find reassuring and would recommend? 

My biggest support has been my partner. It was me that wanted to try for a baby and my partner never hesitated or questioned the decision. We tried for over two years until we got our positive test! I went through a roller-coaster of emotions. I was bitter and jealous, I was depressed and I was angry. My partner put up with hell but I am so grateful. When we got the news that I had a low egg count and tubal damage I remember crying and apologizing to my partner. I was upset and told him that he could just leave me and have a baby with someone else and that broke my heart! My partner reassured me that he didn't want to do this with anyone else. He stuck by me through every step of the IVF process. 

My friends have also been an amazing support! All my closest friends know how much and how long I had wanted a baby! They had to witness tears, heartbreak and tantrums and were in the receiving end of my angry and bitter rants! 

When I was at my lowest and was openly struggling with my fertility it really did affect my friendships. Some of my closest friends didn't feel like they could tell me they were pregnant as they knew it would upset me. Looking back this must have been so difficult. It was such a happy time for them and in my head I would just think 'great' and congratulate them through gritted teeth while I fought back tears! 

I am so thankful to all my friends for sticking with me when I was an emotional wreck! An absolute green eyed monster full of negativity! I wouldn't have been able to do this without any of them!

4. How did you learn about the importance of monitoring baby’s movements during pregnancy?

My placenta is at the front and so I was told quite early on that I wouldn't feel babies movements as soon as everyone else. My baby boy must be a footballer in the making as I did feel him, his movements and kicks were really strong. I didn't realize the importance of babies movements until speaking to midwives and my consultant. I was forever asked if he was moving and was told towards the end I would pick up on his pattern if movements which I have! He moves a lot a night and also when I've eaten! 

5. How do you find using the Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet? 

I love my bracelet! Crystals have been a huge part of my fertility journey! I turned to crystals when I was at my lowest point. I had a fertility bracelet made with rose quartz, moonstone and jade. They say crystals leave you when they have served a purpose! I wore my bracelet every day until the week before my egg retrieval when my moonstone pendant fell off! I knew from this moment I didn't need it anymore as I was going to get pregnant and I did! 

I think its very fitting that I started my fertility journey with a crystal bracelet and am now ending my pregnancy with an Aska crystal bracelet. 

6. What would be your message to future mums and people in general during this challenging times?

The situation is not ideal at all but try and remember how blessed you are to be carrying a tiny human! There are people in far worse situations. Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit lost or negative I like to do some gratitude work, so I think about the things I am grateful for that day, this puts things into perspective so I can see how lucky I am. 

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