How does COVID affect my pregnancy, from Hannah Dawes, Telford - Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet


from Hannah Dawes, Telford

28 April, 2020

  1. How does the COVID situation effect your pregnancy and your normal daily routine and condition?

From a growth scan, the midwives and doctors have a concern about one of my babies organs, which is still being investigated, in any normal circumstance this would naturally be anxious time for a pregnant woman, to not have my husband be able to attend the scans/ consultant appointments is difficult as not only is he a great support, but he would also be hearing the information first hand, rather than me having to try an ensure I am relaying everything correctly. I have also had a slight complication in my third trimester, again I had to stay in hospital on my own as my husband is unable to attend, which is shame as I was really quite worried, however I totally respect why he isn’t able to attend, luckily for now everything is okay.
With regards to my daily routine I have currently been furloughed from work, this also was an unnerving time, as it is for many.
However after a week or so of getting my head around things, my family and I have settled into our own routine and my husband and family have been a great support in food shopping, as I have been advised by my midwife not to attend any shops etc unless absolutely necessary.

  1. What is your biggest concern?

My biggest concern is having to potentially give birth on my own, without my husband as my birthing partner. He is also a key worker, so I also feel anxious that as he is a firefighter and still working with the general public, that he may carry COVID-19 and bring it into our home. We have put measures in place to try and help prevent this and are being extra cautious.

  1. How do you inform yourself about the pregnancy in actual situation, what to do and what not to do?

Currently I ask any questions or seek advice during my routine midwife appointments as I trust their advice.

  1. Who (and/or what) is your biggest support through these days? What do you find comforting? Is there any particular activity or routine you find reassuring and would recommend?

My husband is my biggest support, along with our families, who we are keeping in touch with regularly. Our daily walks are essential for me and my mental wellbeing, we are fortunate to have a garden for our daughter to run around and play in and for us to join her, I also feel so grateful the weather so far has been very kind to us all. I have been participating in my prenatal exercise class, virtually via Zoom, which has been great. We have also had regular FaceTimes with our friends and joined in pub quizzes etc which has been fun and great to catch up with everyone.

  1. How often do you communicate with other pregnant women? If you do, do you find this advices/friends/groups useful and reassuring?

A few of my friends are also pregnant and this has been reassuring, knowing I have others to turn to for advice and vice versa. I have also joined a hypnobirthing group/ app, called
the Positive Birthing Company, their Facebook group I have found reassuring recently, as mums who have given birth during the pandemic are writing about their experiences and it’s reassuring to know that, hopefully everything will be okay and you can still have a wonderful labour with happy memories during this unprecedented time. It’s also allowed me to still practise and learn my breathing techniques ready for labour, in my own home, still staying safe, all via the app.

  1. How did you learn about the importance of monitoring baby’s movements during pregnancy?

This is my second pregnancy, so I was already aware of how important babies movements are. However second time round with an 18 month old child and was working full time, as well as seeing friends and family regularly, definitely took my mind of babies movements occasionally. Then I met a lady at my exercise class who told me about the bracelet, which I instantly thought was an amazing concept and have found it so useful to focus my attention on babies movement since wearing it.

  1. How do you find using the Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet?

The bracelet I wear all day, it is so easy to use and so comfortable, I also feel like it goes really with all outfits and would be suitable to wear to any occasion. It has most definitely refocused my attention to babies movements, which is paramount and I am so grateful to be wearing it.

  1. What would be your message to future mums and people in general during this challenging times?

Try and embrace the change, there is nothing we can currently do to change the situation, it can be unnerving, however we have to stay strong independently as well as knowing that there is a whole community of support out there for pregnant women via midwives and the NHS website etc which are full of sound advice that we should trust during this time. The protective wear maybe worrying to see on the NHS staff, but they are still the same lovely and caring people they have always been, they are just keeping themselves and us as safe as they can. Stay focused on you and baby and your health. Talk as much as you need to regarding any concerns you have and most importantly, stay safe. “

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